2016 Tax Season – Open on Saturday. Schedule your tax appointment today!

Tax Season is Here. We can help you with your tax preparation.  Call us and schedule an appointment today!

Open Monday through Friday 9-7pm and Saturdays from 9-6pm.   Our professionals are licensed and in good standing with Maryland Department of Licenses and Regulations.

You will need the following information to do your taxes;

General Information;

  • Social Security Numbers for you, your spouse and dependents,
  • Copy of your 2015 federal and state taxes,
  • Copy of your bank information for your refund (account and routing number),

Tax Information:

  • W-2s (Wages),
  • Bank Interest Form 1099-Int,
  • Dividend Income- Form 1099-Div,
  • State Refund – Form 1099-G
  • Retirement distributions – Form 1099-R
  • Rental Income – Form 1099,
  • Rental Expenses
  • Social Security benefits – Form SSA-1099,
  • Alimony Received or Alimony Paid,
  • 1099’s (Self-employment income),
  • Self-employment expenses,
  • Mortgage Interest deductions – Form 1098,
  • Student Loan Interest – Form 1098-E,
  • Tuition Paid – Form 1098-T,
  • IRA Contributions,
  • Insurance Coverage – Form 1095-A, 1095-B or 1095-C,
  • Itemize deductions (Medical expenses,

Before you begin to organize your documents download our checklist to assist you.

2016 Tax_Organizer_Form


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