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Tax Deduction Locator & IRS Trouble Minimizer

This tax  organizer is designed to assist and remind you of information that is needed to prepare your tax return. The goal is not to overlook anything so you can maximize your legal tax deductions, comply with government reporting requirements, and avoid IRS problems after the return is filed.  The tax organizer will limit the possibility of an IRS tax audit.

Taxes are complicated and the rules change constantly. This tax organizer was designed specifically for the 2015 tax year and certain items may not apply to other years. Although care has been taken to accommodate most taxpayers’ needs, please note questions that are related to issues not included here under “Questions You May Have” in Section D6.

Tax Organizer Section Categories

To help you collect your information quickly, this organizer is organized into four general areas. Information required from:

  • Everyone – Sections A1 – A13 (Pages 2 & 3)
  • Those who itemize their deductions – Sections B1 – B11 (Pages 4 & 5)
  • Those with business or rental income – Sections C1 – C7 (Pages 6 & 7)
  • Everyone – Health Care reporting – Section D1 (page 8)
  • Those who have relocated, sold their home, made home energy improvements or have debt relief income – Sections D2 – D5 (Page8)

We can help you with your business and personal tax preparation. Please call to schedule your appointment at 301-962-1700. Try to call early before the calendar is booked up.

Attached is the Tax organizer.  Download and complete it to maximize your tax deductions and reduce your 2015 tax payment.  2015 Tax_Organize Final


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