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Are you interested in gaining market share in the Hispanic market within the United States? Mendoza and Company, Inc is well established in this community and offer consulting in business, and cultural intelligence to execute a successful marketing campaign.

Additionally, we participate in many legislative events that affect trade with Latin America. If you are a business in Latin-America wishing to conduct transactions in the United States, we can support you in managing your accounting and tax compliance operations.

International Tax services

  • Addressing foreign tax questions and concerns.
  • Consulting, formation and planning of foreign owned entities in the US.
  • Advising clients regarding income tax treaties pertaining to Latin America.
  • Selecting proper tax strategies for minimizing foreign corporate and withholding taxes.
  • Planning/preparing returns for personnel on international assignments.
  • Avoidance of double taxation (using tax treaties) while simultaneously utilizing tax incentives abroad.
  • By in conjunction with an association of accounting firms around the world that share information and expertise we will provide you the most effective service for your needs.

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